McGrath Honda in St. Charles, IL convinced my wife that she should replace the timing belt in her 2004 Honda Odyssey (120,000 miles) prior to driving to Augusta, GA.

To be fair, it was past due for this. We went ahead and had this done and paid $850 for the service. We were driving down on I-75 around the KY-TN border when the van lost power and died. It would not restart.

We had to have the van towed to a hotel where we ended up being stranded for 3 days waiting on a repair shop to open up in Jellico, TN. They finally were able to look at it and advised that they would not be able to do the repair. They suggested we have it towed to a Honda dealer in Knoxville but we opted to have it towed all the way to Augusta as we were supposed to be on vacation. The Mercedes dealer that handled the tow for us (the service manager was a friend of a friend and helped with the tow as a favor) looked at the car for us and determined that the wrong belt was installed which caused all of the problems and essentially left the vehicle in need of repairs that exceed the value of the van.

We ended up having the car towed to a local Honda dealer in Augusta (Gerald Jones Honda) and they confirmed the findings of the Mercedes dealer. Both the Mercedes dealer and Gerald Jones Honda have tried to contact McGrath Honda in IL on our behalf but so far have not been able to connect. Fast forward 6 weeks and our car is still sitting at Gerald Jones Honda, undriveable. Now we're being told that if Honda (any Honda) is going to do anything for us it is at Honda's discretion.

The Honda dealer in IL is pushing back because the car is not there for them to look at. It is not the responsibility of the local Honda dealer. So I suppose we're just screwed because we made the mistake of having an $850 service performed by HONDA as part of routine maintenance. We are out hundreds of dollars in towing fees, hotels, etc.

not to mention the $850 for the repair which totaled our van which is probably only worth about $3,000 but probably would've run several more years. Thanks Honda................

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